SUNI-SEA skill building seminar at the EPH Conference – combined presentation slides


SUNI-SEA researchers jointly facilitated online workshop titled ‘Community Based NCDs Prevention and Control: What Can we Learn from Research in South- East Asia?’ at the European Public Health (EPH) Conference on 12 November 2021. This virtual workshop provided  an excellent opportunity for consortium members to highlight their work, share their experiences and discuss the preliminary outcomes of their action research activities.

Three topics included:

  1. Adaptation of general training materials in health programme to meet the needs of local communities: achieving culturally sensitive training programmes
  2. Lessons learned from Intergenerational Solidarity Clubs: how to empower communities to improve their health
  3. Achieving synergies between community interventions and primary health care: how to improve the patient journey in a cost-effective way

The presentation slides were combined and available to download here.