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SUNI-SEA newsletter no. 10

Our project came to a successful close in June 2023, marking the end of a remarkable four-and-a-half-year journey. Throughout this time, we’ve gathered valuable insights and produced numerous publications, policy briefs, and videos, all aimed at sharing our knowledge about SUNI-SEA. In this final edition of the SUNI-SEA newsletter, we take pride in presenting the...


Creating synergy, creating changes

This video narrates the SUNI-SEA project from start to finish. It tells the story of people who have faced challenges on health issues, especially hypertension and diabetes, and what different stakeholders feel about the community-based interventions and various initiatives brought by the SUNI-SEA team in each country. The video presents the key findings, gaps and...


SUNI-SEA work package reports

SUNI-SEA consortium members produced a series of three reports documenting experiences and lesson learn, providing a comprehensive overview of the SUNI-SEA research project. Experiences with Scaling-up Prevention and Screening of NCDs (Download) Cost-effectiveness (Download) Guidelines and training (Download)    


SUNI-SEA NCD self-care application: Recommendations for intervention strategies

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) pose a significant public health challenge, requiring innovative solutions and concerted efforts from all sectors of society. The SUNI-SEA NCD self-care application, developed by HelpAge International Myanmar under the SUNI-SEA project, presents an opportunity to address this challenge. The application allows individuals to self-assess their risks for hypertension, diabetes, and mental health...

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