GACD annual scientific meeting in London, December 2022

GACD annual scientific meeting in London, December 2022

The SUNI-SEA project is part of the research programme led by the Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases (GACD). In December 2022 for the first time in two years the Annual Scientific Meeting was held in London. This meeting was a platform for exchange of information among individual GACD projects and relevant experts, operating in the GACD Research Network. The meeting offered opportunities for knowledge sharing between projects, research programmes, and working groups. There was time for enhancing collaboration between researchers.

SUNI-SEA is part of the group of projects that studies scaling-up strategies in NCD interventions. Together these projects will gather more insights into barriers and facilitators for scaling up. We published an article on the joint research.

Our project is one of the few projects that concentrate on multi-country implementation of community-based screening and health promotion. Other projects work in one country only or focus on clinical care. We therefore expect that SUNI-SEA will provide unique insights into scaling up strategies that can be globally generalised.

The annual scientific meeting offered possibilities for knowledge exchange during information market sessions. The six representatives of the SUNI-SEA project showed posters, video messages information materials and had intense discussions with other researchers who attended the meeting.

In the meeting there were sessions on organisation of research projects, equity of research, future of research into NCDs, and other topics.

The full programme and presentations can be seen here.