Exposure to ‘posbindu’ primary health centres of Indonesia

Exposure to ‘posbindu’ primary health centres of Indonesia

Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Sebelas Maret University, Dr Diah Kurnia Mirawati, and Dr Ari Natalia Probandari welcomed Dr Jeanet Landman and Z.E. Partdoel from University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) to Indonesia for a four-day visit programme, during 29 October – 1 November 2019.

The team spent two days discussing the progress of the ongoing literature reviews, data collecting and share challenges and ways forward.

On day 3, visitors were divided into two groups visiting the Setabelan Primary Health Centre and Purwodiningratan Primary Health Center, and the Tersono Primary Health Centre in Batang.

The first group met with Dr Suci Wuryanti, Head of the Setabelan Health Centre, they took a tour of the centre and had an opportunity to observe activities carried out by posbindu including counselling from doctors, aerobic exercise, and General Medical Check-ups. Then they proceeded with interviews with several cadre representatives to find out their motivations in running the posbindu programmes. They also visited the Purwodiningratan Health Centre and met with Dr Farahdilla, Head of the Center. There was a presentation on Posbindu Programme by the Puskesmas. The last stop for the group was visiting a posbindu at Sudiroprajan village.

The second group’s activities began with a three-hour road trip from Sebelas Maret University to Tersono Health Centre. Upon arrival, the group was welcomed by the Head of the Tersono Health Centre, Dr Jul Hendro Gunawan. Then they observed posbindu cadre training activities, interviews posbindu cadres representatives to gain insights on their experiences and perceptions about programmes offer at posbindu.

The visit allows a better understanding of the project sites, posbindu programmes and more importantly, the country context. This will ensure better support from the global team and suggestions that will improve the quality of posbindu, programme design that reflects the goal of SUNI-SEA project.