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SUNI-SEA work package reports

SUNI-SEA consortium members produced a series of three reports documenting experiences and lesson learn, providing a comprehensive overview of the SUNI-SEA research project. Experiences with Scaling-up Prevention and Screening of NCDs (Download) Cost-effectiveness (Download) Guidelines and training (Download)    


Capacity building materials

Within SUNI-SEA, the European and Asian researchers closely collaborated and exchanged their knowledge. Capacity building was aimed at researchers from the project countries and intended to exchange knowledge and expertise between the researchers within the SUNI-SEA project. Several webinars were delivered with a focus on research in health promotion and disease prevention. SUNI-SEA series of...


Myanmar retrospective report (September 2020)

This retrospective study aims to understand contextual factors in the targeted implementation areas of the SUNI-SEA project in Myanmar, to lead to recommendations for effective community-based interventions for NCD prevention and management.