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SUNI-SEA newsletter no. 10

Our project came to a successful close in June 2023, marking the end of a remarkable four-and-a-half-year journey. Throughout this time, we’ve gathered valuable insights and produced numerous publications, policy briefs, and videos, all aimed at sharing our knowledge about SUNI-SEA. In this final edition of the SUNI-SEA newsletter, we take pride in presenting the...


SUNI-SEA newsletter no. 9

June is a busy month for SUNI-SEA as the project nears completion; the four and a half years have flown past! The team is working diligently to produce the project deliverables, which reflect on the project learning and impact. The consortium is sharing valuable insights with stakeholders. We trust that you will find the articles...


SUNI-SEA newsletter no. 8

We have now completed our fourth year of SUNI -SEA project and entered the final six months. Scaling-up of NCD interventions, as stated in the SUNI- SEA project title is one of the most crucial areas of our work.  We are in the process of created a scaling up strategy at all levels, global, regional...


SUNI-SEA newsletter no. 7

In this issue, we are pleased to share with you many exciting project developments. Our teams in Indonesia, Myanmar and Vietnam are working at high speed to ensure that the project is progressing. Click here access the newsletter.


SUNI-SEA newsletter no. 6

Time flies and we have made it through two complete years, since the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown in many countries. Despite all the challenges, we are pleased to see the positive progress of the SUNI-SEA project. In this edition of SUNI-SEA newsletter, we are pleased to share activities and updates from our three country...

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