Community-based approaches to healthy ageing


In 2022, a global technical working group was formed, consisting of members from the HelpAge International country teams and network partners from 12 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America regions and SUNI-SEA consortium members. The working group was tasked with reviewing the SUNI-SEA training resources and adding additional evidence-based resources from their respective regions to compile a package of generic community-based approaches training resources.

As an offspring of SUNI-SEA project, the package of resources consists of:

  • Community health volunteer training manual (upcoming)
  • Facilitator’s guide (upcoming)
  • Self-care booklet for healthy ageing (upcoming)
  • Community health committee guide to healthy ageing (upcoming)

The package of training resources will be disseminated by working group members based in each of the HelpAge regions and via a HelpAge International online library accessible to network members across the globe and to other stakeholders. Considering living documents, we can expect addition and improvement of information after testing on the ground with communities in different parts of the world.

For further information and feedback on these resources, please contact Caitlin Littleton, Healthy Ageing Portfolio Lead, HelpAge international at