SUNI-SEA webinar series at Trvana University

SUNI-SEA webinar series at Trvana University

Employees and students of the Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Work of the Trnava University, who participate in the international project SUNI-SEA (Scaling-up NCD Interventions in South-East Asia), organised in this academic year a webinar series focused mainly on public health in South-East Asia.

The primary goal was to present the activities and achieved results of the project. Scaling-up is defined as a deliberate effort to increase the impact of health innovations successfully tested in a pilot or experimental phase to benefit more people and ensure sustainable policy and programme development. This project aims to strengthen the prevention of hypertension and diabetes in the countries of South-East Asia – Indonesia, Myanmar and Vietnam, using new evidence-based approaches.

The webinars were designed for professionals, students and the general public who are interested in the issue of non-communicable diseases in terms of prevention, designing strategies to reduce their incidence and implementing best practices. Experts from regional public health authorities, doctors, university teachers and researchers from various parts of Slovakia and the Czech Republic joined the webinar. The part of the webinar series, in which doctoral students prepared presentations on the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for international project cooperation and health services, was the most attractive for the audience.

The project team from the Department of Public Health under the leadership of Prof. Martin Rusnák, with the support of Dominika Plančíková, PhD, focuses mainly on the application of scientific evidence in community and clinical prevention of hypertension and diabetes, and training of health professionals.

This activity was featured in the ‘Universitas Tyrnaviensis’ journal in the Slovak language.