A gold medal for Prof Martin Rusnak

A gold medal for Prof Martin Rusnak

Professor Martin Rusnak, Department of Public Health of the Trnava University, SUNI-SEA ‘Work Package 3 (Global NCD Instruments)’ leader, was awarded a gold medal from the Slovak Society of Epidemiology and Vaccinology. A modest award ceremony was held as part of the annual meeting of the Slovak Society of Epidemiology and Vaccinology at the conference titled, ‘Cervenka´s Days of Preventive Medicine’.

Martin’s area of work within the project focuses on training and scientific evidence-based interventions, in cooperation with country teams, which include developing training materials for basic health staff.

The conference organised in August provided an opportunity for the Trnava University team to present about the SUNI-SEA project activities. Trnava master students from the public health programme also shared the lesson learnt from SUNI-SEA and gave a presentation on behaviour change communication and community mobilisation. The presentations generated fruitful discussions among participants who were mainly academia and researchers. The usefulness and rich learning experience from this type of consortium project was highlighted.

Written by: Dominika Plancikova, Trnava University