Capacity building materials


Within SUNI-SEA, the European and Asian researchers closely collaborated and exchanged their knowledge. Capacity building was aimed at researchers from the project countries and intended to exchange knowledge and expertise between the researchers within the SUNI-SEA project. Several webinars were delivered with a focus on research in health promotion and disease prevention.

  • SUNI-SEA series of webinars on scientific evidence in health promotion and disease prevention

– Introduction to EBM, integration of three components: best research evidence, clinical expertise, and patient values for improved outcomes (presentation)
– Methodology of systematic reviews, with examples from the SUNI-SEA project and comparative effectiveness research (presentation)
– Source of evidence: searches of electronic databases of research literature (presentation)
– How to assess clinical value of research from an evidence-based perspective using AGREE instrument (presentation)
– Transforming existing evidence (guidelines) to match the local environment: ADAPTE approach (presentation)
– Conditions for successful guidelines implementation into practice (presentation)

  • Behavioural change communication (presentation)
  • Introduction to qualitative research 

– Qualitative research (presentation)
– Atlas Ti training (presentation)


Furthermore, two publications were developed within the project for capacity building.

  • Guideline for adaptation of community-based health interventions to culture and context: This guideline is developed with the aim to guide the process of adapting a community-based health intervention, training, or programme to the local context.
  • Soft skills manual for training of trainers and healthcare staff: This manual is primarily intended for the training of trainers. The purpose is to help a core group of trainers to design and organise their training programmes for soft skills development in already defined areas of community mobilisation, behaviour change communication, and health promotion.