Scaling-up NCD Interventions in South-East Asia (SUNI-SEA)

Through evidence-based research in Indonesia, Myanmar and Vietnam, SUNI-SEA will help inform countries how to effectively scale up strategies to tackle non-communicable diseases.

Jun 23

Summary video: Four years of SUNI-SEA in Vietnam

The SUNI-SEA project aims to solve NCD issues through a community-based approach to provide services such as NCD screening, health…

May 23

Webinar recording – Knowledge and care in your hands: Digital adaption for community level management of NCDs

Date: 23 May 2023 Time:  9:00 am London / 3:00 pm Bangkok Duration: 90 minutes Platform: Virtual webinar In this webinar the…

A worldwide health concern

Non-communicable disease or NCDs is a worldwide health concern in particular in developing countries. In South-East Asian countries, more than half of all deaths are caused by NCDs.


Source: World Health Organization – Noncommunicable Diseases (NCD) Country Profiles, 2018.

NCD Interventions

Will synergies between community-based activities and primary health care services enhance impact on health?

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