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Mar 22

Implementing global health research during the pandemic: what are the lessons for the future?

This literature review was produced by Mary Dunbar, HelpAge International, SUNI-SEA Project Manager. It intends to support the discussion of the webinar titled “Moving forward: How to continue public health implementation research in LMICs during COVID-19” held on 3 March 2022.

Feb 22

SUNI-SEA newsletter no.5

We are excited to have entered the fourth year of the SUNI-SEA project. During this last phase of our project we are looking forward to sharing the outcomes of our…

Dec 21

SUNI-SEA skill building seminar at the EPH Conference – combined presentation slides

SUNI-SEA researchers jointly facilitated online workshop titled ‘Community Based NCDs Prevention and Control: What Can we Learn from Research in South- East Asia?’ at the European Public Health (EPH) Conference…

Nov 21

Epidemiological patterns of hypertension and type 2 diabetes mellitus in Vietnam: Ecological study

An article entitled “Epidemiological Patterns of Hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Vietnam. Ecological Study” by SUNI-SEA researchers was published in Research Square, November 2021. Abstract: Vietnam is a…

Nov 21

Core health-components, contextual factors and program elements of community-based interventions in Southeast Asia

An article entitled “Core health-components, contextual factors and program elements of community-based interventions in Southeast Asia – a realist synthesis regarding hypertension and diabetes” by SUNI-SEA researchers was published in…

Oct 21

SUNI-SEA newsletter no.4

In this edition of SUNI-SEA newsletter, we are pleased to feature stories of NCD screening activities in Ninh Binh, Vietnam; programme adjustment in Myanmar to respond to current needs of…

Jul 21

Myanmar retrospective report (September 2020)

This retrospective study aims to understand contextual factors in the targeted implementation areas of the SUNI-SEA project in Myanmar, to lead to recommendations for effective community-based interventions for NCD prevention and management.

Jun 21

SUNI-SEA newsletter no.3

This is the third edition of SUNI-SEA newsletter released in May 2021. In this newsletter, we shared a new video providing an overview of the project. Despite challenge of COVID-19,…

May 21

Retrospective phase: Summary of what we do (video)

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) contribute to 71% of all deaths globally and disproportionately affect people in low- and middle-income countries. SUNI-SEA project aims at tackling NCDs through the synergy between community…

Feb 21

SUNI-SEA newsletter no.2

This is the second edition of SUNI-SEA newsletter released in February 2021. We are pleased to share our exciting developments in the project with the start of the prospective phase,…

Nov 20

SUNI-SEA newsletter no.1

SUNI-SEA released the first edition of e-newsletter in early November 2020. Click the link below to find a brief introduction to the project, the progress to date and the plans for the next phase of the project.

Nov 20

SUNI-SEA scientific posters

SUNI-SEA researchers had developed four posters to showcase the project with concise rationale, research questions, methodology and updates from the reseach implementation in Southeast Asia. They were presented in a poster competition at the GACD Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) 2020.

Sep 20

10 key takeaways from SUNI-SEA retrospective study

In the first year of the project, SUNI-SEA researchers investigated what is currently taking place in the country, what is effective and what is cost-effective. This is a summary of key lessons learnt from our retrospective study.