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Jun 23

Voices of SUNI-SEA

  A short video with reflections from community members, local authorities, primary healthcare staff, policy makers and others involved in the SUNI-SEA project.    

Jun 23

SUNI-SEA Policy briefs

SUNI-SEA team had developed a series of policy briefs that encapsulate the essential learnings and findings derived from our implementation research. By creating these policy briefs, the team aims to…

Jun 23

SUNI-SEA newsletter no. 9

June is a busy month for SUNI-SEA as the project nears completion; the four and a half years have flown past! The team is working diligently to produce the project…

Jun 23

Summary video: Four years of SUNI-SEA in Vietnam

The SUNI-SEA project aims to solve NCD issues through a community-based approach to provide services such as NCD screening, health education, self-care enhancement, and referral of people at high risk…

May 23

Webinar recording – Knowledge and care in your hands: Digital adaption for community level management of NCDs

Date: 23 May 2023 Time:  9:00 am London / 3:00 pm Bangkok Duration: 90 minutes Platform: Virtual webinar In this webinar the SUNI-SEA team in Myanmar shared their experience of adapting the…

Feb 23

SUNI-SEA newsletter no. 8

We have now completed our fourth year of SUNI -SEA project and entered the final six months. Scaling-up of NCD interventions, as stated in the SUNI- SEA project title is…

Nov 22

Our message to community members

From time to time there are programmes for screening for diabetes and hypertension in your community. Trained volunteers offer these services, often in collaboration with health facilities…

Nov 22

Our message to health volunteers

New screening programmes for diabetes, hypertension and other non-communicable diseases are starting in communities. It is very important that volunteers help to identify…

Nov 22

Our message to health workers in primary healthcare

There are now screening programmes for diabetes and hypertension in communities. People who are identified with high risk factors need to be examined in primary healthcare facilities…

Nov 22

Our message to policy makers

Diabetes and hypertension are serious risks for the adult population, and increasing year by year. Less than half of the people with serious risks are aware of their health problems. We need to increase…

Oct 22

SUNI-SEA newsletter no. 7

In this issue, we are pleased to share with you many exciting project developments. Our teams in Indonesia, Myanmar and Vietnam are working at high speed to ensure that the…

Jul 22

IEC materials on mental health and self-care, Myanmar

The Myanmar team had developed various Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials on mental health and self-care. Different types of publications were aimed at the Intergenerational Self-Help Groups, community volunteers…

Jul 22

Missed opportunities in hypertension risk factors screening in Indonesia: a mixed-methods evaluation of integrated health post (POSBINDU) implementation

An article entitled “Missed opportunities in hypertension risk factors screening in Indonesia: a mixed-methods evaluation of integrated health post (POSBINDU) implementation” by SUNI-SEA researchers was published in BMJ Open, February…

Jun 22

SUNI-SEA newsletter no. 6

Time flies and we have made it through two complete years, since the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown in many countries. Despite all the challenges, we are pleased to see…

Apr 22

A set of educational materials on diabetes and hypertension in Vietnamese

Our partners in Vietnam, HelpAge International Vietnam Country Office, Thai Nguyen University of Medicine and Pharmacy, and the Health Strategy and Policy Institute, have collaboratively developed a set of communication…