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Strengthening synergy between primary healthcare providers and communities for prevention and control of hypertension and diabetes in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the SUNI-SEA project has implemented NCD intervention activities in seven districts of Ninh Binh province and Hai Phong city. A synergy model was used to promote coordination between Commune Health Stations (CHSs) in communes, wards, and towns and Intergenerational Self-Help Clubs (ISHCs) in hypertension and diabetes prevention and management. This brief presents the...


Simplified non-communicable diseases screening algorithm

The SUNI-SEA project aims at increasing services for NCD prevention and control in the community in Indonesia, by implementing a simplified algorithm for community-based screening. This initiative is coherent with the ongoing primary healthcare integration as a part of health systems transformation in Indonesia. In this paper, we summarise the development of the simplified screening...


SUNI-SEA NCD self-care application: Recommendations for intervention strategies

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) pose a significant public health challenge, requiring innovative solutions and concerted efforts from all sectors of society. The SUNI-SEA NCD self-care application, developed by HelpAge International Myanmar under the SUNI-SEA project, presents an opportunity to address this challenge. The application allows individuals to self-assess their risks for hypertension, diabetes, and mental health...


SUNI-SEA Policy briefs

SUNI-SEA team had developed a series of policy briefs that encapsulate the essential learnings and findings derived from our implementation research. By creating these policy briefs, the team aims to effectively communicate the significance and implications of the project to policymakers and other relevant stakeholders. The briefs provide a comprehensive overview of the project’s context...