Midline survey and ongoing data collection in Indonesia

Midline survey and ongoing data collection in Indonesia

The Indonesia team has successfully completed another milestone for the SUNI-SEA project with the completion of a midline survey from 10– 24 August. The survey was conducted in the intervention and control sites, in four selected areas of Kediri, Batang, Jember, and Solo, which involved a sample of 20 per cent ​​of Posbindu participants from each area.

A few days prior to conducting the midline survey, the research team facilitated a data collection briefing for enumerators, to establish the same understanding about the process and to ensure the quality standard of data collected.

The purpose of the midline survey is to evaluate the intervention in Indonesia and compare the data between intervention and control areas. The team will be using data collected manually by cadres in the control area, to compare with the data from the application used in the intervention areas.

The POSBINDU SMART is an application used to register, record the measurement results, categorise NCDs status, as well as provide information about NCDs to patients attending the Posbindu. This application will be a useful tool for screening NCDs in the community in the future.

Now that the survey is completed, the data analysis is underway. The researchers are eager to learn about the outcome, which will guide the team during the next step of the project.