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Creating synergy, creating changes

This video narrates the SUNI-SEA project from start to finish. It tells the story of people who have faced challenges on health issues, especially hypertension and diabetes, and what different stakeholders feel about the community-based interventions and various initiatives brought by the SUNI-SEA team in each country. The video presents the key findings, gaps and...


NCD self-care mobile application: SUNI-SEA innovation in Myanmar

Digital tools can be valuable in improving access to healthcare services, particularly in challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic or in constrained settings. The SUNI-SEA team in Myanmar developed a NCD self-care application to help people accessing their health risks by themselves. Apart from self-care screening, the application also includes counselling sessions that can give...


A video collection on the prevention and management of hypertension and diabetes (Vietnamese language)

The SUNI-SEA team in Vietnam developed a video collection on the prevention and management of hypertension and diabetes. These videos were created to communicate with community members, intergenerational self-help clubs and relevant stakeholders to spread positive messages about healthcare. The collection consists of five videos: Let’s learn about hypertension and type 2 diabetes Proper nutrition...


Capacity building materials

Within SUNI-SEA, the European and Asian researchers closely collaborated and exchanged their knowledge. Capacity building was aimed at researchers from the project countries and intended to exchange knowledge and expertise between the researchers within the SUNI-SEA project. Several webinars were delivered with a focus on research in health promotion and disease prevention. SUNI-SEA series of...

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