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10 key takeaways from SUNI-SEA retrospective study

In the first year of the project, SUNI-SEA researchers investigated what is currently taking place in the country, what is effective and what is cost-effective. This is a summary of key lessons learnt from our retrospective study.


Myanmar situation analysis

This is Myanmar situation analysis on NCD prevention and control. This document also includes recommendations for the implementation of community-based and primary healthcare activities in the prospective phase of SUNI-SEA.


Global action plan for the prevention and control of NCDs 2013-2020

The Global action plan for the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases 2013-2020 provides a road map and a menu of policy options for all Member States and other stakeholders, to take coordinated and coherent action, at all levels, local to global, to attain the nine voluntary global targets, including that of a 25% relative reduction in premature mortality from cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes or chronic respiratory diseases by 2025.